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Indoor Golf

The Golf Experience in Zermatt

Two  Trackman 4 Simulators enable you to play on different golf courses, practise your drive, aim at objects or have your golfing shot analysed. You don't need a golfing license to play here.

The perfect vista of a golf course stretches out in front of the player, golf club in hand. All while still indoors. Matterland Indoor-Golf offers golfing fun, even if it’s raining outside.

Pro golfers, amateur golfers and hobby golfers play the ball onto a large canvas screen, on which a simulator reproduces the ball's flight in realistic scenarios. As well as playing on 18 different links, which are real golf courses from all around the world, you can also practise your shots on the driving range or aim at a range of objects. You can go to America, for example, to the greens of Pebble Beach or Pinehurst. Many of the most famous golf courses in the world are available.


  • 1 hours per simulator CHF 90.– 1-4 players
  • Meetings: halfday CHF 300.– Golf incl.
  • Meetings: from 4 hours CHF 500. Golf incl.
  • my Event on demand

Daily from 6:00 AM; till 12:00 PM

You can also analyse your own training data to track your progress.

Matterland Sports provides golf clubs and balls and a short introduction if required. Players can also bring their own kit with them. No special clothing required.

Are you looking for a suitable programme for a group? The Indoor-Golf facility is ideal for team events. There may not be a club house, but there is a small bar and a lounge for relaxing after playing.